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Based in Melbourne (Australia), with over 22 years experience in the representation of some of the worlds' finest Hotels and Resorts, Global Hotels Marketing is an excellent choice for you to make when selecting an appropriate company to represent your properties in an enthusiastic and professional manner.


My name is Jane Basiuk and I offer personalised, excellent and constant sales representation services for your International Hotels and/or Resorts, Villas or Apartments;  generating awareness thus increasing occupancy and revenue. I tailor-make programs for each client and my philosophy is to work with a limited number of diverse and non-conflicting clients, not an endless list who cannot be adequately serviced.  


If you are seeking Representation; be it Sales, Marketing and/or Public Relations, below are the services offered by Global Hotels Marketing:




Target Markets:

  • Travel Agencies and Travel Professionals

  • Wholesalers

    Activity Specialists

    • Cultural, Artistic, Historical, Holistic, Wellness, Cooking School, Shopping Tours, Ecologists, Nature Lovers, Photographic, Sports, etc.

  • Airlines

  • Corporate Companies

  • Wedding and Function Organizers

  • MICE Specialists

  • Mid and High-End: Leisure, celebrations, weddings, product launches, specialist groups - i.e. cultural, historical and gastronomic.

  • Media

    • Negotiate editorial and competitive advertising rates

    • Distribute Press-releases

    • Co-ordinate Journalist trips

    • Communicate with on-line portal contributors

    • Co-ordinate additional activities in conjunction with Tourism Boards and Airlines to optimize coverage





  • Immediate targeting of your Property to the mid and high-end sectors of the tourism and business industries across Australia

  • Comprehensive and thorough sales representation to all parts of the industry as mentioned above

  • Working closely with Wholesalers to obtain the best market share for your product

  • Distribution and follow-up of Contracts

  • Introducing Tactical Specials and the promotion of same

  • Sourcing new and re-invigorating existing business

  • Offering brochure and collateral advise and support

  • Initiate new sources of promotion for your destination, working closely with Tourism Offices, Travel Professionals and Media.

  • Arrange, co-ordinate and escort your sales visits to Australia (and New Zealand if required)

  • Arrange, co-ordinate and escort familiarization trips to your destination(s) by travel industry

  • Work closely with Tourism Offices and airlines to arrange Journalist trips and subsequent coverage

  • Initiate media coverate: editorials and advertising in high-end publications, televised media and industry publications

  • Sales and Marketing is tailored to individual requirements



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