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Overseas weddings are now becoming more and more popular, not only because of affordability, but also because of the ease in which we can travel to Bali.    Bali is certainly one of the top choices for an elegant wedding and reception.


Because of their expertise, Ametis Villa is able to create an extremely special and romantic celebration to make this the most memorable time for any Bride and Groom.  Only one tailor-made wedding can be held at Ametis Villa at one time, ensuring all the needs of the day are taken care of, without interruption.

As Ametis Villa is relatively small and certainly unique, this makes for a perfect venue for you to have Exclusive Use of the property, ensuring the utmost in privacy.


A selection of packages are available (please refer to the link).  


  • Utilizing the Lobby Lounge and intimate wedding for 10 people is ideal.  

  • The Grand Villa, with its stunning large privately landscaped garden; again for 10 people.


The Wedding Reception is of course important and Ametis Villa Eternal Restaurant provides a perfect venue with seating for up to 35 people.  Alternatively the Grand Villa also has the ability to cater for up to 20 guests in total privacy.

Add image of GVilla reception set-up


A romantic dinner on the beach is a wonderful addition to any celebration at Ametis Villa and this can be arranged easily.  The set-up is private and intimate with a wonderful menu available for the Bride & Groom.

For further information on Weddings at Ametis Villa please visit their website:

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